Growing your own!

In a time where technology is a large part of day to day life, working an allotment is not only a way of growing your own fresh produce, it is also a great way of getting outside and in the fresh air, a good source of exercise, an opportunity to make new friends and beneficial for the environment.

Recently there has been a lot of publicity over the benefits of producing your own food, for instance, knowing exactly what is in it, where it has come from, reduction in air miles and the vastly superior taste. There is nothing quite like the taste of a home grown potato from the fork in the garden to the fork on your dining table in less than an hour! There are also proven health benefits of gardening, not only the obvious in being outside, exercise, not sat watching TV, but also gardening has proven results in improving mental health, and not only that, but it provides a little piece of sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Over the last few years, Worcester City Council has worked in partnership with the Worcester Allotment Forum to provide a high standard of service and an environment where tenants can enjoy our allotments and pass skills and produce on to their friends and families and participate in being part of a city wide community all sharing a mutual interest and passion.

Fancy an allotment?

There are over 25 Worcester City Council allotment sites across the city – for a map and information about each site’s representative please go to the Sites page.

  • To apply for an allotment please fill in the Contact Form. Once your application is received you will be added to the waiting list.