Worcester Allotment Forum

What is the Worcester Allotment Forum?

The Worcester Allotment Forum (WAF) works in partnership with Worcester City Council (WCC) to provide a high standard of service and a streamlined process to assist with queries. Tenants on each site elect a Site Representative, who all meet with representatives from WCC on a monthly basis, except for August and December, to discuss the issues of the day including our policies & procedures, site matters, waiting lists and vacancies, community engagement, and upcoming events.

There is also an Annual General Meeting, usually held in February each year, which elects the Forum’s Officers, at which all tenants on Worcester City Council sites are welcome. The Forum abides by the Forum Constitution that was agreed in January 2018.

Who are the Worcester Allotment Forum

The Forum comprises the site representatives chosen by each of the City’s allotment sites. They are all Worcester City Allotment Tenants who are volunteers and give up their own time to support and represent the views of the tenants on their sites, and they liaise with Worcester City Council to ensure the smooth running of the sites.

The Forum’s Officers are elected at the AGM, and are currently:

  • Peter Parry (Chairman)
  • Pat Gething (Vice-Chairman)
  • Louise Robertson (Secretary)
  • Arthur Rowe (Treasurer)


The Allotment Forum currently produce annual newsletters, the latest is the Forum Annual Newsletter September 2018.

The Chairperson of the forum produces an annual newsletter and we are looking to producing seasonal newsletters to share the latest news from across the sites, photos from events and seasonal advice. If there is anything you would like us to feature, please send an email via the Contact Form, and we will get in touch.