Worcester City Council has more than 25 allotment sites within its borders, marked with green pins on the map below. There are also two self-managed sites (Oldbury Park and The Hill Avenue) marked with purple pins, and one Parish Council site (Warndon Villages) marked with a yellow pin. Detailed maps of each site are available. Just click a pin and follow the Site Map link in the information window.

Availability of plots on each site can be found on the Waiting List & Vacancies page.

Council run sites enjoy the benefit of a wider community involvement in City wide seed swaps, competitions and events. Your Site Rep is also able to arrange for deliveries of soil conditioner, wood chip and, on occasion, paving slabs to the sites throughout the year. The Council is also responsible for sites’ security, fences, gates, anti climb paint and padlocks and the knowledge that site repairs to these and the water pipes will be maintained.

Droitwich Road Allotments (4)Community Gathering at Droitwich Road Site

The ‘Allotment Shop’ is open for business to all allotment holders, an gardeners, where you will find a wonderful range of products at very cost-effective prices. See  [elsewhere on this site – updating].

You will also have the voice and views of your site represented, by your site representative, at the monthly Worcester Allotment Forum with Council representatives to ensure any queries, concerns or suggestions are raised for their attention and action.

If you have any queries over local site availability, or to apply for an allotment, please contact the Allotment Officer at Worcester Council, on 01905 722333, or use our Contact Form.

Self Managed Sites:

The Oldbury Road and Hill Avenue Allotment sites are owned by Worcester City Council but self-managed by the tenants by their own Allotment Associations.

On Hill Avenue almost all plots on the site are half size. If you are local to the area and keen to join our community and try out an allotment, please get in touch with the Secretary. He can be contacted via